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Creative Team

Vanessa and The Lost Stars

Vanessa and The Lost Stars is a magical new family theatre production about friendship, family and home wherever or whatever that may be. 


It’s an inspiring story about a young fox, Vanessa who is one day told that the stars have begun to go missing.


In an attempt to find where they are going (and potentially discover where her true home is), she goes on a whimsical adventure that challenges her capabilities and knowledge about the world around her.


Told through music, movement and puppetry, this female-driven story also teaches family audiences about the environmental crisis and the effect it is having on our rural habitats.


Vanessa and The Lost Stars is in development with the support from Forest Forge Theatre.

Writer Toby Skelton

Director Anthony Underwood

Producer Bethany Cooper 

Movement Director Alexandra Ewing

Composer Christopher Schlechte-Bond

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