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5 - 23 April 2022 at Theatre503

Tapped is a heart warming comedy that explores the importance of connection, fulfilment and (lack of) hope. 

In Stapleford, Nottingham, aka Stabbo, we meet Gavi, Jen and Dawn at an amateur self-help group who all share one commonality; they’re desperate for escapism.


Tapped is a witty and sensitive portrayal of managing mental health within a family, recognising the complexities of grief, and learning how to find humour in our flaws. 

We all make mistakes and none of us have all the answers, so if we can’t laugh, and eat too many Club biscuits along the way, what’s the point in any of it?

A play about fears, hopes, having big dreams in small places and how the idea of change is far easier said than done. Tapped is co-produced by BCP and Theatre503. 

"Tapped is essentially a feelgood experience" THE TIMES

"Redford is a truly gifted comic writer. Her dialogue is zippy, keenly observed and packed with laughs".


"Redford’s play has a watchable, episodic-TV quality, with amusing dialogue and interesting narrative turns".


Creative Team


Writer Katie Redford

Director Piers Black

Producer Bethany Cooper 

Designer Ceci Calf

Movement Director Kloe Dean

Lighting Designer Lucía Sánchez Roldán

Sound Designer Conrad Kira

Production Sound Engineer Wilkie Morrison

Casting Director Amy Jane Blair

Stage Manager Laura Whittle

Production Manager Zara Janmohamed

Assistant Producer Hadeel Elshak

Placement Assistant Director Tom Brain

Dawn Jennifer Daley

Gavi Max Hastings

Jen Olivia Sweeney

Offie Nom.jpeg

Credit Lidia Crisafulli 

This production is supported by Arts Council England, Cameron Grants Memorial Trust, Maria Björnson Memorial Fund, The Gane Trust, Unity Theatre Trust and the Wildcard Foundation.  

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