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Writer Ayse Evans

Director Ellie Rose


Squirrels is a dramatic comedy three hander. At its centre is a teenage boy with an obsession for squirrels and Claudia Winkleman trying to navigate a world he struggles to fit into.


Nate is coping with his Father’s addiction the only way he knows: by keeping an industrial-sized recycling bin full of squirrels on school property. 


Dani is just trying to fit in, by any means necessary, but what happens when fitting in goes against her morals? 


And what if the delicate balance of Nate’s life is interrupted by something he’s never had before? – a friend.


Squirrels won Mrs C’s Collective’s annual competition; The Writers Collective, and was shortlisted for the Phil Fox Award For Playwriting.


Squirrels is currently in development with support from Portsmouth Guildhall. 

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